Say cheese

Я не смог закрыть глаза,
Я не знал, как мне выбраться из-под земли.
Теперь я лишь сырая роса
На теплом трупе нашей любви,

Xero dancing in a vest makes us veryHappy’

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Cross over  Kagerou ProjectxSuper Danganronpa 2

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In the story, the source of the monster’s power is said to be the countless snakes that grow from her head. Perhaps the powers the children possess derive from this. But what still bothers me is the serpent that appears in her dream near the end of the story. Unlike the snakes on her head, the dream serpent is clearly intelligent and self-aware. It is this being who suggested to the story’s protagonist that she create a new world and who lured her into solitude. Looking back on it now, it almost seems as if the serpent tempted the monster and snatched away her happiness with her family.

Why did the dream serpent have the monster create a new world?

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Sungjongie~ derp face

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